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  • SFDA: Notification on Printing and Distributing National Outlines of 2006-2010 to Guide the Further Education of Certified Pharmacists   (Directive; Document No: GuoShiYaoJianRen[2006]532; Promulgation Date: 2006-10-12)
  • SFDA: Notification on Establishing the System to Warn against Illegal Advertisement for Drugs, Medical Device and Health Food   (Directive; Document No: GuoShiYaoJianShi[2006]521; Promulgation Date: 2006-09-30)
  • Interim Provisions on Checking and Ratifying Corporations that Export Medicals Commonly Used as Narcotic Excipients such as Ephedrine   (Agreed by MPS, China Customs and SFDA; MOC Regulations: Order No.9; Promulgation Date: 2006-10-10; Effective Date: 2006-11-10)
  • SFDA: Notification on Establishing the System of Reviewing the advertisement of Drug, Medical Device and Health Food   (Directive; Document No: GuoShiYaoJianShi[2006]518; Promulgation Date: 2006-09-30)
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  • State Council Issues 4 Emergency Plans for Handling Outbreaks of Public Health Accidents  (2006-04-30 14:07:21)
  • SFDA Issues “Provisions on the Nomenclature of Health Food (Seeking Comments)”  (2006-04-30 14:07:06)
  • SFDA Seek Comments on “Solutions for Cleaning and Changing Certificates of Health Foods(Sending for Examination)”  (2006-04-30 14:06:28)
  • State Department Issuing Safety-protection Provisions for Radioactive Isotope and Radiation-emitting Devices  (2005-10-31 16:13:18)
  • SFDA Seek Comments on the Classification of Products such as Scar Therapeutic Devices  (2005-09-01 18:06:15)
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